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Chinese High Quality Roller Bearings
Chinese Brand HiTaper Roller Bearingsgh Quality 32304
Item No.: 32304
Product Orgin : China
Product Port : Shanghai Port
LeadTime : Normally in 7 - 10 Days
Product Weight : 0.23kg
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Chinese Brand High Quality Taper Roller Bearings 32304

Inner Diameter: 20 mm

Outer Diameter: 52 mm

Thickness: 22.25 mm

Hardness: 58 - 62 HRC

Dynamic Load: 44 KN

Static Load: 45.5 KN

Limiting Speed: 8000 r/min

Reference Speed: 11000 r/min

Instruction of Taper Roller Bearing:

Both of the outside ring and inside ring of taper roller bearing are all with subulater rollaway nest, and there will be taper balls between these two rollaway nests. All the generatrixs on the surface of taper will meet at one point of axis of bearing. This kind of design will realize the pure rolling between taper rollers and taper rollaway nest, so as to reduce the gliding friction at maximum point. This kind of bearings is especially suitable to suffer from both axial load and radial load. The capacity of axial load is decided by the contacted angle of bearings, the bigger the angle is, the much more endring of axial load. Taper roller bearings usually are detached, that is to say the component of inside ring, including rollers, retainers and inside rings, can be installed separeately with outside ring.

Structure type of Taper Roller Bearing:

1. Single Row: Consist of a inner ring with single race, a outer ring with single race, a steel cage and a set of taper roller.

2. Single row paired: Consist of two sets of single row tapered roller bearings and one or two spacer. It has three kinds of configurations.

3. Double Rows: Consist of outer ring with two races and two subassemblines which are consist of rollers and cages. The main purpose is applicable of gearboxes, hoisting equipment, rolling mills and machines used in the mining industry, e.g. tunnellingmachines.

4. Four-row: It has two configurations which are called as TQO and TQI. TQO consist of two rows inner rings subassemblies which consist of rollers and cages and one inner spacer, one outer spacer. one outer ring with two single races, two outer rings with single race.

  TQI consist of two rings with double races, one outer spacer, two rows inner rings subassemblies which consist of rollers and cages and two single rings with rollers and cages.

Gradient angle allowed

Tapered roller bearings does not allow axis relative shell holes are inclined, the largest value of its gradient angle can not be exceed 2'.

The clearence

The clearence of single row tapered roller bearings can only be obtained after mounting and is determined by adjustment of the bearing per consumer's requirement.

The following is the drawings of taper roller bearing 32304:

More phosots of our taper roller bearings:

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